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I got back on the 14th and am here til the 30th. I'm enjoying the weather so far but everything else has been decidedly so-so.

Tried to go get my hair cut on Thursday for portrait-taking on Friday, only to get in the car and find out that the bitch wouldn't start. So much for that. I gave my mom a call and she swung back around to take me over to the salon, but I hate being dependent for rides.

Thursday night Dad jumps the battery on the car, and gets it going again. Somewhere in there he notices that the belly plate has started to detach a little (it's a Beetle, that thing comes off if you go over a speedbump too fast) and orders me to take it in to the dealership on Friday morning. I get up bright and early and do so. The car starts fine and they fix the plate; inspection turns up nothing about a battery problem. Later that day my sister and I went to get our respective graduation portraits done.

Saturday, after some family togetherness, I'd had about enough of that and wanted to head to the mall to get my Christmas shopping mostly done. I hop in the car and.... *click click click*. Bitch is dead again. Dad jumps it two or three times and it'll start with the jump, but the battery just isn't holding a charge.

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